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About Me

My story begins like any other from the very beginning. Sport has always been in my life but I have never taken it too seriously, until one day when…

I woke up in the morning and told myself that I only want one present for my 30th birthday – a marathon. Cross the finish line, enter the level of human dreams, understand that the border is only when you start talking about it.

Six months of preparation, student knowledge, youth, motivation, sacrifices, constant desire to be faster and more durable, the first half marathon in training, the first blood from the nipples, and finally the first control start at 20km in the mountains – the first mistake in the career of an inexperienced athlete. On my 30th birthday in 2012, I looked with tears in my eyes from the window of the room as other runners run for a ticket to happiness for self-respect and self-satisfaction. It was a sad day in my life. Half a year break, half a year was looking for my own way of life.

March 2013 – first training, first running step, fatigue and high motivation. My goal was only one – to cross the finish line after 42 195 m. September 2013 – dreams come true, thanks to hard work, more excellent knowledge and self-respect, the Wroclaw marathon has been something I’ve dreamed of for over a year.

It was just the beginning of my adventure with running. Two weeks later I was already “tense” with a new starting number on the starting line at the next marathon – the goal was different, the dreams I achieved quickly change into the future – this time I fought with myself and with time – my second marathon with a time of 3h59m: 56s.


this is the first stage of the triathlon. The distance depends on the triathlon variety (i.e., 0.75 km to swim in the sprint triathlon, 1.5 km in the Olympic triathlon).


takes place immediately after leaving the water and quickly changing clothes. The athlete has to cover a distance of, i.e., 20 km in the sprint triathlon, and in the Olympic triathlon 40 km.


last stage of the triathlon. The length of the race is, i.e., 5 km in the sprint triathlon variant and 10 km in the Olympic triathlon.

Spring 2014, another two marathons, summer, autumn – the season did not matter. There was a good plan, and there were analysis and implementation, each of my starts was a success, improving my time. Finished Marathon Crown, acquired half-marathon crown, and what’s next… ?!

People are then divided into two groups for those who go to the mountains and try their strength there, or increase the distance to ultra marathons and those who go into the world of triathlon. It was the same with me.

August 2015 – the first start and immediately 1900m of swimming 90 km of cycling and at the end of 21.1 km of running – over 5 hours of effort and great competition.

For five years of lonely training, looking for constant motivation and everyday self-discipline over me, it gives me a place where others want to be but do not know how to do it, a bit of fear, a bit of laziness, but above all because they are afraid of change…

July 2019 – start in the most anticipated, dream competition of every triathlete – long-distance – 3.8km swimming, 180km bike and 42.2km run, I could write my comment here, but I’ll leave this place for you…

With over 27,000 kilometers and over 50 starts in various competitions – over 15 marathons, over 25 half-marathons behind me, I can say that it’s time to pass on my experience and knowledge to you. So that you feel that you are working with a professional and a person who will lead you through this challenging road called the road through which you will cross your borders.



Dawid caused that after 1.5 years of sitting on the couch I went back to running and this return was without much resistance and suffering on my part.
In addition to writing the training, it explains what individual units give, so besides what to do I know why. In addition, he gets a lot of information about training, i.e. what to eat and what not to eat / what shoes to have / how much water to drink / how to dress / whether and what nutrients to use and even how much to weigh: p Does not praise without reason, so every praise is an important gold ?
However, what I value the most is great flexibility. This is not a template plan that I could find on the Internet only taking into account my performance, feelings after individual trainings and preferences of what and how I like to do.


I can save my two life records to David: 5km = 19:14 and 21km = 1:35:21. In both cases, I did not believe that I could come to such a result.

Dawid effectively and efficiently managed to pull me out of the comfort zone – the training was no longer pleasant as before – but as the saying goes
“No pain, no gain”


Training with Dawid is a serious job :). But it is also fun. He is really interested in your goals, feelings, conditions, nutrition etc.
He always send plans as agreed (for me it is really important to get the whole week plan in advance).
He is preparing me now for running and triathlon events. And the plans are manageble – thou you need to be dedicated.
As I am also working it is important for me that he understands the workload at work and he is ok if the whole training cannot be completed. Not that this is a every week execuse – but sometimes is really not possible to execute plan.
He also runs once per week with me – and I always enjoy these trainings. A lot of insipration talk and push to the, or above limits that are in my head.
So – if you want to have serious trainer, who can also listen to your other needs, Dawid is the right person for you.




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