10 best effective tips to stay motivated in autumn

No motivation for activities in autumn? Here we go! 10 best effective tips to stay motivated in autumn. The warm summer air is replaced by a colder fresh breeze of autumn. The leaves are falling down and the trees are more colorful. The days are getting shorter and...

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5 tips to stay injury free

HEALTHY RUNNING = HAPPY RUNNING Over the years, I’ve learned valuable running lessons by making mistakes and knowing to do things differently the next time. Here are some rules to keep in mind to avoid potentially painful consequences and make you spend more time on...

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Triathlon vs long distance running

Where do so many of us derive joy from triathlon? Others are still wondering if after another marathon he can try something different, some increase the distance and start in ultramarathons, others decide to step on the wide waters in triathlon. I am sure that if it...

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“BULLET” project – 2. An ambitious mind

The greatest weapon of people actively practicing sport is not the muscles, but the mind. Like musculature, the brain also needs to be trained to achieve the best results. It is common that with the New Year we set new goals for ourselves. This is such a secular...

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Project BULLET – 1. Situation analysis

Situation analysis- Your family- Your health condition- Your wallet- Your time If You want to jump, you must first take 2 steps back - my volleyball coach used to say, when my ball break was just up to ... ? ?In this situation, you have to do exactly the same,...

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And what if it concerns You…?

Physical activity should occupy a significant place in the life of each of us. Meanwhile, it turns out that there are plenty of people who do not move at all. Don't be one of them !!! Impact of physical inactivity on the respiratory system Giving up physical activity...

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5 Common Mistakes in Training

5 Common Mistakes in Training

Training for a full or half marathon takes dedication and discipline, but listening to advice from those who have been through it before can help you avoid mistakes that will hold you back. I've been running for 8 years and has her list of top five mistakes to avoid...

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