Situation analysis
– Your family
– Your health condition
– Your wallet
– Your time

If You want to jump, you must first take 2 steps back – my volleyball coach used to say, when my ball break was just up to … ?

?In this situation, you have to do exactly the same, think about how much your family “gives you” restrictions, it is worth setting a rigid day and time to have it reserved for yourself, the rest of the family will adapt after the first week, or be consistent – because it’s your time – don’t waste it.

?Your health is nothing but a “base” where you are and what effort is indicated for you. It’s worth knowing if your body is ready for big challenges or just a faster walk. Former injuries are not always insurmountable obstacles – but you have to do it sensibly.

?Analyze how much money you can spend on it – do not save, do not look for the cheapest product, find a product that fits the median quality but also not to spend a fortune on it. (Write to me – I will help you – there are no stupid questions – there is bad money spent).

?The most you can gain is time – the later you start making some changes in your life, the more difficult the process will be to reverse. Every kilo of fat in your weight more is about 6 months of hard work to turn it into muscle mass.

Start with this: Drink water !!! ??