Where do so many of us derive joy from triathlon? Others are still wondering if after another marathon he can try something different, some increase the distance and start in ultramarathons, others decide to step on the wide waters in triathlon. I am sure that if it were not for swimming from the sea, lakes, rivers, where visibility, joint start from the beach / water is over half of the runners would have tried their hand in triathlon a long time ago. I know many of my friends who give up triathlon just by swimming but instead start in duathlon.

What is it about this triathlon that man loves him and hates him 🙂

IRONMAN Zurich 2019

There are several answers:

  1. Time for training – even the longer running unit in which you are preparing for a marathon, i.e. 30-32km of running is about 3 hours, preparing for tritahlon at a distance of 1/2 and a long distance is a 5 + 2 or 3 + 2 fold + training gear – and this is a significant difference,
  2. The popularity of the discipline – interestingly, e.g. a 10km or other half-marathon run is usually full to the brim, in triathlon the turnout increases every year, but ending the 10km run alone and ending at 10km at a triathlon event is a completely different distance and other fatigue, where people are able to show their best side,
  3. Trip logistics – going to the marathon I could leave at 4:30 in the morning to stand at 9:00 on the start line after 3:30 check in at the finish line, rest 1h at the finish line and get back home 4h again in a triathlon at a half raga party or long you must be the day before, where all the equipment takes you half a car,
  4. Running is more difficult as a result – Looking at the “borderline” results I dare say that as it is easier to break 3:20 h in a marathon than 5 h in 1/2 IM, it is definitely harder to break 2:30 in a marathon than 9 h in IM. Running at 4:00 – 4:30 per kilometer is in my opinion a different discipline than running in triathlon. Anyway, let’s face it, running (not shuffling) in IM is already a success in itself. My close friend describing his last performance in IM proudly said: I did a marathon in 5h and I was in 1/3 of the best results. So if you need “triathlon” challenges (in the sense of such difficult) in running – just squeeze for a better result. I assure you that by trying to break 38 ‘/ 10 km you will experience nice orbiting outside the comfort zone
  5. Running does not require equipment or talent – you can change your running technique (if you have a disturbing habit) in a month. Can you imagine it with swimming? I do not. Running equipment plays a negligible role. And in tri? Colossal. Runner in sneakers vs runner in the latest Nike vaporfly have similar chances (both similarly trained). Triathlete on the road and triathlete on the time canyon (similarly trained) not so much. Running is a primitive sport and requires simple training. And because it’s boring, what can you do? Swimming is borin