Physical activity should occupy a significant place in the life of each of us. Meanwhile, it turns out that there are plenty of people who do not move at all. Don’t be one of them !!!

Impact of physical inactivity on the respiratory system

Giving up physical activity is primarily less oxygen in your body. It is assumed that it can decrease by up to forty percent, which directly translates into the functioning of individual organs, and even the ability to concentrate and remember. Your brain requires huge amounts of oxygen to work properly. Lack of physical activity also means more frequent breaths, which, however, do not go hand in hand with quality – with them no more oxygen gets into your body. If you do not play any sport and prefer a car instead of your own legs, you have a much smaller lung capacity. In addition, weaker breathing muscle work.

Impact of lack of movement on the cardiovascular system

If, for you, physical activity does not exist, then you must realize that this is associated with a decrease in the stroke volume of the heart. What does it mean? During one contraction, definitely less blood is thrown out. The heart just can’t pump it – it’s weaker. The heart’s minute volume is also reduced, which is the amount of blood that your heart pumps for one minute. At the same time, your heart rate is increased – your heart beats faster. Such changes in the heart mean that much less nutrients and oxygen get into individual body organs. It is blood that transports life-giving substances. If you don’t start moving, your heart itself may also decrease. And this is a condition that can directly threaten your life. If you do not exercise and do not exercise, you also have lower levels of red blood cells, which are responsible for oxygenation, among others.

Impact of physical inactivity on the musculoskeletal system

If you do not move, your muscles become weaker, until they finally disappear. Muscle tissue begins to turn into fat. It is worth remembering that if you do not exercise, there is an increased excretion of calcium and phosphorus ions. This is detrimental to the bones, whose structure is thus becoming weaker. Physical activity is an important factor that effectively protects against osteoporosis. When it begins to lack, bone thinning is much more likely. This condition does not only apply to women aged 50+, it may also apply to you aged 40 years.

What else has a negative impact on traffic?

Physical activity affects your entire body. When it starts to lack, your mood deteriorates, you are more irritable, more tired. You also get sick more often because your immune system has no strength to defend itself. Everyone who wants to keep not only a slim figure, but also health for a long time, should love movement. You don’t have to go to the gym or run ten kilometers a day. You can even start with a normal walk.